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ZUM 2020 is happening

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Remember when we wrote about the finale of our science communication competition Znanstvenik u meni (The Scientist in Me)? Applications for high school students in Croatia are open until December 20th.

If you don’t know what ZUM is: in short, it’s a science communication competition for high school students in Croatia.

Prospective applicants are expected to pick a topic which they’ll make a video about, either alone or with one other student. Videos are 2 to 4 minutes in length and should present the chosen topic in an interesting, understandable and innovative way. The top 8 to 15 applicants will be invited to the competition finale where they’ll perform live in front of a jury and an audience. That’s where we’ll pick and award the winners as well 🙂

This year, however, we have introduced a new category for original research. If a student wishes to do their own research, in this category they should attach a PDF of their paper and/or describe ther methods and results in details for proper review. Videos and performances in this category can be longer – up to 7 minutes (7:30 for videos, that is), and will be scored and awarded separately from other categories.

If you’re interested what students usually talk about on ZUM, applicants have explained a large number of topics to the public in an interesting and accessible way: from the super-well-known super-glue, over the intricacies of sleep, to the complicated paradoxes in mathematics, scientific topics have intrigued applicants who took the initiative to interpret them on their own and participated in the fun adventure of finding the scientist in themselves.

As you can see, we’ve prepared quite a lot – but that’s not all 🙂 Find out more about ZUM, including the jury, rules and previous applications, at our website (Croatian only, sorry!) and if you’re eligible, apply: we’re waiting for you!

By Mario Borna Mjertan

Mario Borna Mjertan is a student of mathematics at the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb. He serves as Project Director for Znanstvenik u meni! and actively works on science popularisation projects such as ZUM, S3++ and other projects.

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