Issue 6 Study Abroad

Why study abroad (undergraduate)?

You’ve probably heard of people from your country who went to study abroad, and whose lives changed significantly from the typical life one has at a domestic university. You might think that to study abroad, you need to be super rich, super smart, or super athletic. But is it really all that exclusive?

Issue 5 Science Shoutout

Highschooler’s Guide to the Ivy League

Getting into a good college doesn’t have to be a reward for extreme sacrifice; it can be, instead, a side effect of the much grander goal of building a meaningful and engaging life.

Cal Newport, How to be a High School Superstar

Think of a typical high school student who gets into a world-class college or university, like Cambridge, MIT, or one of the Ivy League universities. You might imagine someone with countless extracurricular activities, perfect grades, and loads of stress. What if there’s another way? What if, instead of sacrificing all your precious free time, you could get into a world-class college as a byproduct of leading an interesting life?